PhD topic: Skyrmion dynamics in ultrathin films

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Chiral magnetic interactions can appear in systems that lack inversion symmetry. In ultrathin ferromagnetic films on heavy-metal substrates, such interactions can lead to a variety of interesting spin configurations such as chiral domain walls and skyrmions. These objects, which are examples of topological solitons, have solicited much interest recently due to their potential for providing new avenues for low-power spintronic devices.

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PhD topic: Chaotic states in nanoscale spintronic oscillators

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Ferromagnets are ordered spin systems in which a variety of nonlinear phenomena are possible. An interesting example in thin films is the magnetic vortex, which comprises a topological spin structure in which moments circulate in the plane of the film but culminate in a perpendicular direction at the vortex core – a compact region 10-20 nm in size. When an electrical current is applied to the vortex the flow of electron spins exert a torque on the magnetic moments, which leads to novel dynamics like steady state gyration of the vortex core that is inherently non-Newtonian [1].

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