Well done, Dr. Rémy!

Congratulations to Rémy Soucaille, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on Tuesday!

The NOMADE group wishes him the very best for his future endeavours!

PhD topic: Spin wave logic with domain wall waveguides

Scientific context

A periodic disturbance in local ferromagnetic ordering can propagate in a magnetic material in the form of a wave called a spin wave or a magnon. “Magnonics” is a field of research for the forthcoming beyond CMOS era; it harnesses magnons to transmit and process information using sophisticated spin wave devices and conduits.

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PhD topic: Skyrmion dynamics in ultrathin films

Scientific project

Chiral magnetic interactions can appear in systems that lack inversion symmetry. In ultrathin ferromagnetic films on heavy-metal substrates, such interactions can lead to a variety of interesting spin configurations such as chiral domain walls and skyrmions. These objects, which are examples of topological solitons, have solicited much interest recently due to their potential for providing new avenues for low-power spintronic devices.

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